Men's Retreat at TheZone: July 26-28 2019

Experience The Annual TorahMates Retreat

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Men's Retreat at TheZone: July 26-28 2019
Take this opportunity to stimulate mind and soul as you relax in the comfort of TheZone's beautiful resort grounds. It's a time to hear inspiring lectures, learn one-on-one, enjoy TheZone's sports arenas, recreational activities, horseback riding, and first-class amenities, and, of course, great food!
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How you can benefit from the program

  • Beautiful accommodations
  • Resort amenities
  • Gourmet catering
  • TorahMates individualized study sessions
  • Wonderful company
  • Shiurim from seasoned lecturers
  • A variety of sports & leisure activities
  • horseback riding
  • campfire kumzitzes

In Their Own Words

Hear from active participants

"I now have a circle of Jewish friends that cares about my growth as a Jew."
- F. S., TorahMates retreat attendee

"The sessions were inspirational and the activities astounding. I felt like I was in a separate oasis."
- Rita E.
, TorahMates Retreat Attendee

"Delicious food and entertainment."
- S. B., TorahMates retreat attendee

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