Every minute learned

is a mile earned!

We’ll set you up with a big sister/brother to help you with your homework or learn whatever Jewish topic interests you. Plus, you’ll earn some awesome prizes!


I learned so much
from my TorahMate.


She helped me study & I
got a good grade.


I feel like I got
a best friend.


Whatever you choose, earn miles for every minute you learn!

Get it with TorahMates Miles!



with HD Camera

Apple Watch




1.Sign Up

Submit an application or call 732-730-1000 ext 652

2. Get Set Up

We’ll set you up with a study partner and send the book you want to learn.

3. Learn

Together with your study partner, you’ll learn a Jewish topic that interests you.

4. Earn Prizes!

Log your minutes learned and earn miles for each minute, then redeem them for prizes!

Junior TorahMates is a free partnership program where students and their mentors learn together. They study any Jewish topic that interests them, once a week for 30-60 minutes. Junior TorahMates is a part of the larger TorahMates program.
Junior TorahMates is a great program for Jewish kids ages 9-17. We set up more knowledgeable volunteer mentors with students with less background. Usually, both partners find they gain tremendously from their study together.
It’s up to you! You can study any topic that interests you, as long as it has something to do with Judaism. Jewish homework, Hebrew reading, Torah, prayers... you get the idea.
We have a large database of kids and teens who’ve signed up that we’ll use to find the perfect match for you. Some of the things we look for are common interests, backgrounds, and personality matches. Often, these partnerships develop into far more than routine study sessions. Many of our TorahMates are now close friends too!
Most TorahMates study over the phone but FaceTime or the like is also a great option. Where possible, some TorahMates even study in person - privately or at a local ChillZone location.
Once you’ve decided what topic you want to learn, your TorahMates coordinator will suggest a book that you’ll enjoy. Not everyone learns from a text, but many do. We’ll supply each of you with one free book per year of learning.
Your coordinator will work with both partners to smooth out any issues that may arise. If nothing can be worked out or if it’s just not a match, we can find new partners for each TorahMate.
The mileage program is a great perk through which TorahMates can earn awesome prizes by logging in their sessions by date and number of minutes learned. You can log in online, by phone or text, or through the TorahMates App. Your TorahMates coordinator can show you how.


Rabbi Reichman

Rabbi Chaim Reichman

732-730-1000 x133

Rabbi Chaim Reichman

Rabbi Chaim Reichman, TorahMates Director, has been involved in the program since he began studying with his first (of many!) TorahMates almost three decades ago. Rabbi Reichman is also learning director at TheZone Boys Division and is involved in many of Oorah’s year round events. Rabbi Reichman holds a master’s degree in Talmudic Law from Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, New Jersey, where he lives with his wife and eight children.


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Chaya Abramson

A Los Angeles native who loves the sun, Chaya recently made a daring move (pun intended) to the East Coast. She enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and connecting with others. Chaya is talkative and friendly, a great communicator, and passionate about pizza, all of which helps her in her role as a Junior TorahMates Coordinator and School Liaison. (Well, maybe not the pizza part.)