Devorah is not only my mentor but a dear friend. She and her wonderful Rabbi husband never fail to answer my questions and they treat me as if I'm a member of their beautiful, loving family. I can honestly say I have never met anyone like Devorah.
-Julie Linden, Los Angeles CA

Things are going very well with Eleyahu, we speak every week and go over the Torah portion. I practice reading in hebrew, and Eleyahu coaches me in pronunciation and meaning. I feel like I'm getting a very excellent education from Eleyahu...
-Max Friedman, Dallas TX

Leah and I are learning together once a week and she has become so much more to me. I feel so comfortable talking to her and she has become a source of comfort and inspiration.
-Cary Cooperman, Toronto ON

The gift of learning Hebrew and the lessons in Torah and Jewish practice are dreams come true. What a wonderful organization!
-Leslie Donner, London England

I could not be more pleased with Dvorah, my learning partner. Her life is full with family responsibilities and community commitments yet she found time to share with me. With our first lesson, she challenged me with her knowledge and was very patient with my questions. I received The Hebrew Reading Crash Course today. Thank you! I see that the book starts slowly but progresses quickly so that the student experiences many successes along the way.
-Vicky Stone, Toms River NJ

The hebrew is going along great as I am becoming a quicker and quicker learner. Nechama is a great partner and is always so sweet, I wanted to give you a special thank you since its an honor for me to finally be able to learn more about Judaism and Hebrew.
-Terry Kahn, Silver Spring MD