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About TorahMates

Oorah's TorahMates is a free Jewish study program partnering thousands of Torah study partners globally. At TorahMates, our goal is to allow every Jewish individual to have the opportunity to learn more about their heritage. Dedicated coordinators match men and women wishing to learn more about their heritage and about Jewish customs with knowledgeable and friendly volunteer teachers. TorahMates study the Torah topic of their choice, usually over the phone for a half hour a week. Many TorahMates become close friends as they grow together every week. TorahMates also earn TorahMates mileage to redeem them for gifts for as an added incentive. Annual retreats bring the TorahMates community together for a weekend of growth and bonding.

Junior TorahMates, part of the larger TorahMates program, sets up students with big brothers/sisters to help them with their homework and to learn other Jewish topics that interest them. Students and mentors log miles and earn awesome prizes too.

Our Story


Humble Beginnings

The TorahMates initiative began with a small group of volunteers. There was no official TorahMates program or systemized course. The concept was simple- join 2 Jews together, and let them learn.


Widening the Reach

The group of volunteers reached out from their base in Staten Island to families in NJ to spread their knowledge and share their wisdom.


On the Web

Flyers with information were created, as well as a website for people to check out the program for themselves.



The organization expanded. Once independent partnerships, the learning partners connected and became a part of something greater than themselves.


TorahMates Established

The partnership program became an official division of Oorah, and was named TorahMates. The partners primarily learnt over the phone, choosing a topic in Judaism that interested them, from Talmud to Jewish customs and laws.


TorahMates Expanded

TorahMates became so big that an entire department at Oorah was created specifically for TorahMates coordinators and staff.


Junior TorahMates Established

With the establishment of Junior TM, the youth were able to gain from the benefits that mentorship and Torah study offers.


TorahMates Rapid Growth

TorahMates reached 100 partnerships.


TorahMates reached 500 partnerships.


Mileage Program Begins

TorahMates began to accumulate reward points for learning with their partners, which can then be redeemed for gifts.


TorahMates reached 1000 partnerships.


First Annual TorahMates Retreat

TorahMates retreats were initiated for TorahMates to meet their partners and bond in a relaxing atmosphere.


TorahMates App Released

TorahMates program becomes bigger and better with the TorahMates app! TorahMates can now call their TorahMate, log their miles, and easily contact their TorahMates coordinators, all in one convenient app!


Junior TorahMates on the Web

Junior TorahMates in launched online, giving students the opportunity to do homework and learn together with big brothers/sisters.


A Thriving Organization

TorahMates is a large enterprise with over 6000 participants who benefit from studying a topic of their preference, while enjoying the warmth gained from a friendship with their TorahMates.



Active TorahMates Partnerships

91 years

Oldest TorahMate

8 years

Youngest TorahMate

52 years

Greatest TorahMates Age Gap

30 years

Longest Partnership between TorahMates


TorahMates Learning for Over 5 Years


Longest Recorded Study Session


Languages TorahMates Study In


Cities TorahMates Live In

5799 miles

Farthest Geographical Distance Between TorahMates


TorahMates Staff Members


TorahMates Coordinator Outbound Calls a Year