Parshas Behar by Blimi Olen

In parshas behar we are warned not to take נשך, interest.

The word נשך, interest, has the same numerical value as זה נחש, this is a snake. 

Let’s see:


נ=50 + ש =300 + ך=20 = 370

זה נחש:

ז=7 + ה=5 = 12

נ=50 + ח=8 + ש=300 = 358

358 +12 = 370

What is the comparison between interest and a snake? One similarity is that interest is compared to the bite of a snake. Just as a snake bites a small bite, but then the poison spreads and the victim becomes very ill, or even dies, so too, interest starts out small but eventually it builds up and depletes a person of all his money.

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