Men's Retreat at TheZone: June 30 - July 3

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Men's Retreat at TheZone: June 30 - July 3
Take this opportunity to stimulate mind and soul as you relax in the comfort of TheZone's beautiful resort grounds. It's a time to hear inspiring lectures, learn one-on-one, enjoy TheZone's sports arenas, recreational activities, horseback riding, and first-class amenities, and, of course, great food!
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How you can benefit from the program

  • Beautiful accommodations
  • Resort amenities
  • Gourmet catering
  • TorahMates individualized study sessions
  • Wonderful company
  • Shiurim from seasoned lecturers
  • A variety of sports & leisure activities
  • horseback riding
  • campfire kumzitzes

In Their Own Words

Hear from active participants

"The workshops, speeches, fun, program, accommodations and food were truly out of this world...The schedule was so well balanced with spiritual and fun."
- Michael S., TorahMates retreat 2013 attendee

"The Men's Retreat was a life-changing experience. I met so many wonderful people from every tradition of Judaism! ... The community and warmth was amazing, and something I will never forget!"
- Jacob M., TorahMates retreat 2012 attendee